Netflix account end sharing additional payment, how many packages

Combating account sharing with people outside the home is one of Netflix’s main tasks for the coming months, the site’s managers have already indicated.

The world’s largest broadcasting company seems to realize that users of the most expensive packages, who can watch content on four screens simultaneously, share access to the site with family and friends who do not live with them. Netflix In turn, he prefers that more viewers get subscriptions that they pay for themselves.

Netflix will encourage you to buy

There may be an incentive to purchase your subscription The new Netflix profile transfer feature rolled out this week. Thanks to it, people who use the same account simultaneously can transfer their profile — including personal recommendations, watch history, My List, saved games, and other settings — to their own account.

Starting next year, Netflix will go even further. Already from July in many countries of Latin and South America (In Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic) a service is being tested that may “encourage” many subscribers, especially more expensive packages, to share more in subscription costs. As part of the tested Add Home functionality, you have to pay an extra $2.99 ​​for additional accounts. It is not known if this price will be maintained

Subscribers who use their account on a TV or TV-connected device outside their main home for more than two weeks will be charged.

Netflix also checks the tracking functionality of where the account is used and restricts access to it if necessary. You can add one house on the Basic plan, up to two houses on the Standard plan, and up to three new farms on the Premium option.

In a letter to contributors, Netflix shared its positive feedback about The subject of the “Add a Home” service being tested and announced for its wider implementation from 2023.

“After hearing consumer feedback, we intend to offer the ability to transfer a Netflix profile to their own accounts, account providers, easier device management and create a sub-account (“Additional Member”) if they want to pay for family or friends.”

Each sub-account will receive login information, profile and personal recommendations after additional payment.

Netflix has more than 220 million subscribers

Netflix has 220.67 million subscribers worldwide. The increase in the number of Netflix subscribers was much higher than what was expected three months ago which is one million subscribers. The platform returned to positive dynamics after the first quarter of this year. Net loss of 0.2 million customers, and in the second – 0.97 million.

In the fourth quarter of this year. Netflix expects to gain 4.5 million net subscribers. Revenue is expected to decline from $7.71 billion to $7.78 billion year on year, operating margin from 8.2 to 4.2 percent, and net profit from $607 million to $163 million.

According to Mediapanel data, in September this year. Its website and mobile application were visited by 12.21 million Polish users. That’s 41.13 percent. All surfers from the country. Each subscriber spent an average of 5 hours, 39 minutes and 38 seconds on the platform’s content

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