There is a chance of lower fuel prices as early as next week.  This is due to the collapse in oil prices

This does not translate to retail prices yet, mainly due to the fact that not all stations actually sell fuel from the cheapest deliveries. If wholesale prices remain at their current level in the coming days, the chances of lower fuel prices will increase as early as next week. It’s hard to predict, as long as prices may drop next week, because they are likely to spread over time, but you should allow prices for unleaded diesel 95 and diesel to drop below PLN 6 / liter at most stations

– We read in the comment.

Only this week at some stations could corrections be observed in the prices of petrol and diesel Pb95, reaching 1-3 jerseys per liter. On Thursday, the average fuel prices were as follows: 95 unleaded gasoline – 6.03 zlotys / l, 98 unleaded – 6.32 zlotys / l, diesel – 6.04 zlotys / l, automatic gas – 3.4 zlotys / l. Meanwhile in the market Crude oil The week was marked by a sharp increase in price volatility.

The highlight of the week was, of course, the OPEC+ meeting. After the OPEC + decision on Thursday, the prices of the Brent crude series contracts for the month of February fell to the $66 region. Per barrel, the market then returned to around $70. On Friday morning, Brent crude was around $72, “PM Reflex Analysts noted.”

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