February 1, 2023


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Neighborhood Flirting |  The exotic cachet of Swiss salad

Neighborhood Flirting | The exotic cachet of Swiss salad

AFFORDABLE AND ADORABLE: We challenged you to find Quebec properties for sale under $500,000.

Published yesterday at 12:00 PM.

Sylvain Sarrasin

Sylvain Sarrasin

Oh, it’s not very big, this Swiss chalet leans against a wooded area in Saint-Hippolyte, but it has plenty of charm. The choice of woodwork and their colors perfectly highlight all the rooms of the house, from the main living room to the spaces on the mezzanine, to the basement, promising a beautiful leisure time. Fenestration, especially on the facade, allows a flood of light to highlight the interior arrangements – proving that anyone with the same taste as the current occupant can turn it into a warm space. We love the fireplace, the two updated bathrooms, and the modular nature of the different rooms in the chalet. Balconies and terraces allow you to take full advantage of the outdoor environment, offering some privacy to the quiet street and wooded lot. Plus, the appliances are included… as well as the flamingo-shaped neon sign that greets you at the entrance!

Price: $349,000

His city: Saint-Hippolyte

Its rooms: 9, including 2 bedrooms

Building Dimensions: 30.9 ft x 22.2 ft

Its land: 8725 feet2

Its small extra features: charming cachet, functional capacity of different rooms, woodwork and successful renovation works

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