Need for Speed ​​Rivals for record high of PLN 14 on Steam;  The last game of its kind in the series
September 8, 2023, at 22:05

‘Homie’ NfS Unbound Not Right For You? Need for Speed ​​Rivals strikes a completely different tone while staying true to the series’ roots. The game is available for a standard amount of PLN 14 on Steam.

Image source: Electronic Arts.


The fact that Need for Speed ​​Unbound was available on EA Play and PC/Xbox Game Pass only half a year after its premiere, and in the meantime received up to 70% promotions, may indicate that the latest “contestant” from Electronic Arts It didn’t sell well. They suggest a similar result “Mixed” reviews for the game on Steam – Very different from industry critics – Full of complaints about bad driving model or too “juvenile” plot.

If that makes you think it’s the latest NFS Not for you, you might be interested in another part of this popular series, which can currently be purchased on the Valve platform at a record low price. We’re talking about Need for Speed ​​Rivals – the last installment (not counting NfS: Hot Pursuit Remastered) of the series that is truly faithful to its deep roots, namely the games that preceded NfS Underground, in which we race sports cars in exotic corners of the world.

This address – version completeContains eg additional cars – you can buy on Steam for only PLN 13.98. As I mentioned above, this is the lowest price ever. on the led platform He was It was only available twice previously – during the winter sales in 2021 and 2022. Furthermore, this is the first trailer for the game in eight months. You can take advantage of the offer by clicking the button below.

Neef for Speed ​​Rivals for PLN 13.98 on Steam

The percentage of positive reviews Need for speed rivals on the steam It is “only” 77% (with over 5,600 opinions). However, it should be borne in mind that although the game was released in 2013 – Graphically he hasn’t aged as much as you might think – It was released on Valve only in 2020.

Will this percentage be higher? This is possible – because although the production in question is still not free from technical errors, and the 30 FPS limit is very annoying (fortunately, you can find simple ways to open it on the Internet), its content and driving model are much different. better than others. NfS is not bound.

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