Near the crash of a Lufthansa plane in the United States.  Total chaos on board [NAGRANIE]

Passengers were surrounded by a sea of ​​broken glass and screamed in terror– Writing eyewitnesses, as a result, there were many injuries, and some tourists had to be taken to the hospital in wheelchairs because of their injuries, and the tourists are asking for compensation.

The information provided by Daily Mail is as follows: The flight was scheduled to take 10.5 hours, but the accident occurred in the third hour of the flightWhile the plane was still over US soil.

The plane was struck by lightning and suddenly fell 300 meters away. At the same time, the sign “Fasten your seat belts” was not included, apparently, the tourists simply did not have time to warn.

As a result, a real hell broke out on the plane. “People suffered mainly because it was an unexpected event“- writes a tourist who sent photos after landing. Trays, food containers, as well as metal cutlery and broken glass are scattered all over the plane.

at the time of the “fall” It all flew off the tables into the air – and in such a way that it “damaged the roof of the booth.”As one tourist writes.

Another commenter who had a family on board complained: “It was very scary, everything turned into broken glass, screams and multiple injuries.” He also said that the tourist sitting in front of them had to be transported in a wheelchair – because he was “badly injured and bleeding”.

The plane finally landed at Washington Dulles International Airport around 9:00 pm, just three hours into the flight. Seven injured passengers were taken to hospital The rest was placed in hotels, but you can see that the problems did not go away. The airline was forced to provide travelers with a link to request a refund after an upset passenger wrote on social media:

“Many of our plans have been ruined, our clothes are ruined, and we certainly expect more than just a hotel today. We would like immediate assistance and compensation for your LH469 crash– said the tourist. However, other passengers still did not forget to thank the pilots, thanks to whom it was possible to avoid a real disaster.

Source: Daily Mail

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