Chesney chooses the best coach.  “By krolem” Polish national team

Wojciech Szczęsny has been playing in the Polish national team for almost 14 years. He has seen many ups and downs with her. He has played 76 matches so far with the national team. He has already had the opportunity to work under seven coaches – Franciszek Smuda, Waldemar Fornalek, Adam Navalka, Jerzy Brzeczek, Paulo Sousa, Czeslaw Micheniewicz and Fernando Santos. He will soon start working with the eighth coach, because Michel Probers was chosen as the new coach last month.

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We’ll find out who will receive the invitation on Thursday, October 5. The former coach of, among others, Jagiellonia Białystok is not idle and has already begun intensive preparations for the training camp in October. Wojciech Szczęsny revealed in an interview with “Foot Truck” when Probierz contacted him.

-Coach Probers called me right away on the first day. I had Polish Mourinho, and now I have Polish Guardiola, so we form a team. It didn’t work out for Santos, but I have emotional feelings for all the coaches. I’m close to people and I never like it when coaches lose their jobs. Players have the privilege that they are generally not the ones who suffer the direct consequences of poor play. “Let’s face it, we didn’t help the Santos coach much either,” Chesney said.

Chesney pointed to the best coach he worked with

– Coach Navalka was unparalleled in the national team. Paulo Sousa also created a great atmosphere around the national team, I still remember the training camp in Opalenica before the European Championships and there was a real feeling that you wanted to stay there forever. There were tough training sessions, a great atmosphere and fun – admit it.

-Coach Navalka created an amazing atmosphere around the national team. He was a king. Whenever anyone comes to the national team, they come for something big. He concluded that this has been greatly lost over the past two years.

In the years 2013-2018, Adam Nawaka took over the leadership of the Polish national team. In total, the national team played 50 matches under his leadership.

After five matches, the Polish team occupies only fourth place, that is, penultimate, in Group E. We will find out in the coming weeks whether Poland will eventually be able to qualify through the qualifying rounds for Euro 2024. Another option is to play in the qualifiers. However, Touchstone and his staff are now focused on training camp in October. The Polish national team will face the Faroe Islands away from home (October 12) and at home against Moldova (October 15).

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