NASA probe carrying a sample of an asteroid is approaching Earth!

On August 29, NASA engineers conducted tests and simulations of what the rover’s landing would look like. Different re-entry variants were tested, and a model of the OSIRIS-REx capsule was dropped from an aircraft and landed in the landing zone at the Department of Defense’s Utah Test and Training Range. The drop test ended a series of previous capsule recovery attempts conducted during the spring and summer. All variants were examined, including the most unfortunate version, in which the main parachute did not open.

September 10 poll Osiris Rex It activated the brake motor, which corrected its flight path. On September 24, it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 43,000 km/hour. The car will be protected by a special heat shield thus avoiding burning. First, you will deploy two parachutes, followed by the main parachute. In the final stage of descent, the probe will descend to Earth at a speed of approximately 15 kilometers per hour.

asteroid He specifiesSamples of which will reach Earth are remnants of the turbulent process of formation of the solar system. Unlike most objects in the solar system, it has remained intact since its inception. The capsule holds approx 250 grams Rocky material collected from the surface of an asteroid. The samples will be handed over to scientists who, based on their analysis, will try to determine how our planetary system was formed, as well as where organic materials that could give rise to life on Earth came from.

Scientists believe that examining materials taken from the asteroid will reveal the secret of the formation of the solar system. Most of the samples will go to American laboratories, and some will also go to researchers from Japan and Canada. OSIRIS-REx is the first American mission to deliver an asteroid sample to Earth. Previously, this was achieved as part of a mission undertaken by the Japanese – an investigation Hayabusa Materials downloaded from the asteroid Itakawa A sample was delivered to Earth in 2010. Another survey Hayabusa 2 Taking samples from an asteroid Ryugu And deliver them to Earth in 2020.

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