NASA has discovered a mysterious signal from outside our galaxy.  He can't explain it

Gamma rays are huge bursts of strongly energetic light Thousands to hundreds of billions of times larger What the human eye can see. They are often formed as a result of stellar explosions or nuclear explosions. Astronomers searching for the CMB have come across something completely different. They have discovered a much more active signal, coming from a similar direction to another unexplained signal, one of the most active signals ever discovered.

The research was published in the journal “The Astrophysical Journal Letters”The results were also presented at the 243rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in New Orleans.

This signal, technically called a dipole, does not look like a CMB. Not only does it come from a different place;is much denser, Its brightness is ten times greater than suggested by the movement of the solar system. Astronomers believe the newly discovered dipole could be linked to cosmic gamma rays detected by the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina in 2017. Given their similar structure, they may come from a single, unknown source.

Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays carry more energy than gamma rays, up to a billion times more! Scientists But they don't know where they come from.


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