Thousands of human bones have been found in Umm Jarsan Cave

Umm Jarsan Cave It is located in Saudi Arabia and is the longest lava cave in the country. The tunnel system extends 1.5 km north Madina El Monawara.

in a scientific journal Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences Published (2021) results of studies of thousands of bones of animals and humans from Umm Jarsan Cave.

Scientists have found that the remains belong to the least Fourteen different kinds of animals, including. For camels, horses, cattle and rodents. Some The bones also belonged to man. They started gathering together 7000 years ago!

There was such a lot of remains Most likely by hyenasFor hundreds of years they carried hunting or carrion animals from the surrounding areas to their homes – Umm Jarsan Cave.

Inside the tunnels, the bones of several striped hyenas and those left behind were found Coprolets (fossilized droppings). A large stock of donkey bones was also discovered, which indicates this They have been an important part of the inventory for thousands of years in this area.

These hyenas are known to carry their prey to their lairs to be consumed or given to their young. It can also be stored for the most difficult times. Thanks to these animalsbone archiveIt can help scientists analyze the evolution of individual animal species.

Remarkably, during the search work in the cave There were roaring sounds coming from the depths of the tunnelsWhich indicates that hyenas still have a home there.

These kinds of places have a very high potential for delivery Paleobiology and prehistoric dataEspecially in arid and semi-arid regions.

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