More than half of students want more remote classes

As it turns out, 50 per cent. Respondents answered that some lectures and exercises in the previous academic year are still held in this way. However, 55 percent. of respondents said that more classes should be conducted online, and 76 percent of people It is preferable to use the hybrid model more often. At the same time, as much as 71 percent. Students want to be able to take exams and tests remotely.

The survey was conducted by Polish webinar and video conferencing platform ClickMeeting. Media Room results were published on Monday, October 3rd.

Students about distance learning. data

Half of the students who took part in the ClickMeeting study said that in the last semester at their universities, all lectures and exercises remained in the remote format. However, 24 percent. Of the respondents stating that classes are still conducted entirely online, 26% – no.

Interestingly, that’s up to 55 percent. of students believe that more classes in the course of their studies should take place online, and 41 percent. The current system of students is satisfactory. However, 5 percent. The respondents had no say in this matter. At the same time 71%. Of the respondents state that they would like to be able to take exams and tests remotely. In this case, only 13 percent responded in the negative. People in turn 15 per cent. They said they don’t care, and 2 per cent. He has no opinion.

Moreover, 76 per cent. of students believe that universities should benefit more from blended teaching models. Only 15 percent. Opposed to scale this formula, 10 percent. He has no say in this.

What do students value distance learning?

According to the students, the positive thing about distance learning is primarily better time management (68% of indicators in the survey), more time for self (66%) and easier distribution of materials (55%).

Other positive aspects highlighted by respondents were: receiving recordings of lectures (54% of survey responses), use of multimedia materials (43%) and an increased focus on lectures (20%).

All respondents who participated in the study are currently in the study phase.

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