"Millionaires".  Is the Bug River shorter or longer than the Narew River?

Monday episode “Millionaires” He began to judge. Hubert Urbansky Introduce the participants. Patrick Siba from Sochi Las, Justina Nicks from Brunthala, Michai Tadeusz Kozyk from Warsaw, Magorzata Wojczak from Olinica, Bawek Szczypanski from Krakow and Mateusz Kaoka from Warsaw competed to participate in the game. The leader asked the qualifying question:

The correct order is A, C, B, D. Of the six applicants to view the game only Michael Tadeusz Kozig characterize this sequence.

A man with two names and many interests. – Hubert Urbański said when the participant sat in front of him. Michał Tadeusz Koziej is a pharmacy technician and film expert, and has also completed his postgraduate studies in Internet Marketing. He works in the pharmaceutical industry.

We recommend: “Familiada”, “Millionerzy”…everyone knows these game shows. But will you recognize them by taking off the studio? [QUIZ]

Initially, the commander asked a question to the PLN 500.

participant Request to mark option b. Turns out the answer is correct.

Another question for a thousand. PLN, read: What could be adjacent?


NS. fish

C. Painting

Dr.. Authority

Here, Michał Tadeusz Koziej asked for a sign Answer D, which also turns out to be correct.

We recommend: “Millionaires”. The participant withdrew in the first question. Do you know the answer?

A question about 2000 zlotys. The permanently flamed granite tile will become:

a. red

NS. hot

C. slippery

D. Anti-slip

The participant hesitated, but eventually asked to be ticked answers d. Again, it was the correct answer.

“Flamed means simply fired” – said Hubert Urbański. “Then small cracks appear and the surface of the granite becomes anti-slip,” he added.

The question is about 5000 zlotys. What is the name of the technique of influence in psychology, which consists in making the right order, the smallest and easiest to implement?

a. foot in the door

b- the finger in the eye

C head in the clouds

D. Hand in pocket

Michał Tadeusz Koziej easily answered the question correctly, Choose option a.

At this point, the player had 5,000 in his account. PLN and all lifebuoys.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

The question is about 10 thousand. zloty. What part of hops is used to make beer?

A. Leaves

Inflorescences B.

C. Roots

D stems.

player bet NS. Hubert Urbansky confirmed it correct answer.

The question is about 20 thousand. Zloty: Who saved the merchant who was attacked by thieves in Adam Mickiewicz’s song “My Father’s Return”?

a. his children

NS. pastor

swarm of bees

D – the spirit of the forest

The contestant remembered this song by Mickiewicz and immediately asked for a tag The correct answer was option (a).

“Millionaires”. What is a bobwick?

The next question was equal to 40,000. zlotys. Popiwek’s:

A- Satisfaction of service

b- payroll tax

C. drink

D. mug coaster

The participant analyzed the answers and decided to use the audience’s help. Hubert Urbański asked the audience to vote. Answer B received the most votes (81%): payroll tax. This answer is chosen by the player. After this election, he had Guaranteed 40 thousand zlotys.

Question about 75 thousand. PLN was related to art and reads: Who considers “Self-Portrait in a Green Bugatti” one of the most famous works?

A. Jacek Malczewski

Tamara Shimbika

Jim Leon Wyczółkowski

Olga Poznaska

The question was not a problem for the man. Choose answer “B” that was correct.

– Hubert Urbański explained.

Question about 125 thousand. zloty. What is the truth about the insect that is one of the tributaries of the Naro River?

A. Longer than Narew

B. Shorter than Narew

C. It has sources in Poland

D. flows into the Vistula

“The truth is I didn’t repeat geography,” the participant said. Request a life buoy “Equally”. After rejecting two wrong answers Remaining A and B. He asked because he was still not sure Phone call to a friend. Mr. Marius of Lodz did not know the answer to this question, but the answer suggested by B. Michai Tadeusz Kozig followed his own path and bet that the bugs were taller than the Narrow. In the end, he asked to identify A. “And this is not the end of your game,” – said the presenter.

– added.

But more player struggle will be followed by viewers and audiences in the next episode, because at that moment the final signal went off. Michał Tadeusz Koziej used all the lifebuoys, but he already had 125,000 zlotys. In the next episode he will start the game with a question for a quarter of a million zlotys.

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