Mikhailo Fedorov urges Apple to cut off Russia's connection with iPhones and the App Store

In the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more countries impose their own sanctions on Russia Stop Vladimir Putin’s Other Aspirations. However, many specialists point out that it will be of great importance for the further course of aggression The behavior of the Russians themselves – We have already seen pictures of the protests in Moscow, but their size is certainly very small.

So Ukrainian authorities call AppleThat they would give the Russian youth a reason to oppose the imperialist aspirations of their leader, that is, isolate them from what is important to them, namely, new technologies. According to Fedorov, this will motivate young and active Russians to it Stop this military aggression!.

The only question is, is this possible? If announced by Joe Biden, it will take effect Export Sanctionsno American technologies, including Apple services and products, will soon reach Russia, but we are talking about new products.

As was the case with the trade war with China, users of pre-purchased devices can still use them without any problems – but Ukrainian leaders may be counting on them Apple ad alone is enoughTo impress young Russians. In both cases, Apple did not provide an official response to Fedorov’s open letter.

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