Microsoft cares about Bethesda – at least 3 future games from the company will not appear on PlayStation

In the document sent to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the fight for Activision Blizzard, Microsoft not only provided details about the sale of PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox consoles, but also confirmed its plans to Bethesda.

The company, which has been absorbed by the Redmond giant in recent years, gets along well with its “allies”. The result of both parties’ collaboration is to make no less than 3 games – the creators of series like Fallout – available exclusively on Xbox consoles.

According to Microsoft’s statement from the Federal Trade Commission, Bethesda’s “three future productions” will only be available on Xbox and PC. Although the addresses of these items are not mentioned in the document, we can guess which ones Microsoft representatives intended.

Starfield and Redfall are two guarantees for 2023 that won’t debut on PlayStation hardware. Perhaps The Elder Scrolls VI, which was announced some time ago, can be added to this list.

Currently, it is not known what about Fallout 5, which is also in Bethesda’s plans. However, we can guess that work on the post-apocalyptic RPG has not yet begun in full swing, so the appropriate “papers” regarding the platforms that this game will hit have not yet been prepared. It is also unlikely that the site will see the light of day on PS5 or PS6.

The aforementioned reports clearly indicate that Microsoft has no intention of making Bethesda games available on the equipment of its major competitors around premiere or in the near future.

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