Ski jumping.  Engelberg’s PK: Oestvold victory, Destroyer IX

Benjamin Ostvold won Tuesday’s Continental Cup competition in Engelberg (HS140). The representative of Norway triumphed with jumps of 133m and 138m. Aleksandr Zniczkull finished ninth and five Poles won Cup points.

Clemens Aigner was in the lead after the first round. The Austrian representative ran 133.5 meters and at the halfway point he was 0.6 points ahead of Fredrik Willemstad (135.5 metres) and 0.9 points ahead. over Zak Muggle (136m). Benjamin Ostvold (133.5m) was fourth, and Joachim Odegaard-Beuring (133m) was fifth.

Aleksander Zniszkull landed 130m and was previously sixth with Benedek Jacobsen-Hughly (129.5m) at the halfway point. Eighth place went to Sondre Ringen (131.5m), ninth to Rok Masle (131.5m), and the top ten was completed jointly by Tilen Bartol (133m) and Francisco Moerth (127.5m).

Four more Polish representatives advanced to the finals. Klemens Murańka (134m) was twelfth, Andrzej Stękała (131.5m) was seventeenth, Jaroslav Krzak (126.5m) was twenty-first, and Maciej Kut (129.5m) was twenty-fifth.

Clemence Juniac with a score of 111.5 meters finished the competition in the first round, taking 40th place. His fate was shared by Simon Ammann (117.5m) and Killian Pierre (119.5m).

The first competition series was held from the 18th starting bar.

In the final, Benjamin Ostvold attacked up a step of the podium from fourth place. The Norwegian landed 138m and finally prevailed by 1.1 points over Clemens Aigner (136.5m). The podium at the competition in Engelberg was completed by Fredrik Velomstad (136m), who turned out to be better than Sondre Ringen (135m) and Justin Lissou (136m).

Bendik Jakobsen Heggli (131m) and Markus Mueller (133.5m) are classified sixth. Eighth was Felix Hoffmann (134.5m). Aleksander Znieszczew (131m) dropped to ninth, and Benjamin Odegaard Björing (131m) closed out the top ten.

Klemens Murańka (129m) finally finished 14th. Jaroslav Krzak (125m) was 20th, just ahead of Maciej Kot (124.5m), while Andrzej Stuka (124.5m) was 24th.

The series finale was made from the 20th springboard.

Philip Raymond (280 points) remained at the top of the Continental Cup, ahead of Joachim Odegaard Björing (234 points) and Sondre Ringen (230 points). The highest ranking pole is Jan Habdas (120 points).

The second competition is scheduled to be held in Engelberg on Wednesday. Contest start at 11:00. An hour before the start of the test series.

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