Such technology did not exist before.  Carbon dioxide processing has reached a new level

They are the ones behind the concept that would make CO2 processing possible2 Widely. All this to change this relationship into something more beneficial. The key to success is a material known as MOF-525, one of the materials called metal-organic skeletons. These are polymers that combine porosity and crystallinity, i.e. opposing features, thanks to which they have a number of useful applications.

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The team dealing with this issue was headed by Gaurav Giri, who along with his colleagues described their idea: Applied materials and interfaces. There is even talk of a miracle substance that would be revolutionary in the context of combating climate change on our planet. But is there really anything to admire? Let’s try to figure it out.

Let’s start with the fact that the hype surrounding this technology stems from the possibility of production on an industrial scale. This is a very important aspect because it involves the comprehensive conversion of carbon dioxide into other materials that have a greater number of applications. And we are talking about a technology that allows us to reduce gas emissions that are very harmful from an environmental point of view.

Thanks to MOF-525, carbon dioxide can be captured and converted into other compounds of higher industrial utility

Electrocatalytic conversion plays an important role in the whole concept, creating a bridge between renewable energy sources and direct chemical synthesis. In such circumstances, the combustion of fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide emissions and other undesirable substances can be eliminated. The end product may be, for example, carbon monoxide, which has a number of applications in the fuel or pharmaceutical industry.

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The aforementioned material, i.e. MOF, owes its popularity to its structure that allows it to act in a similar way to a sponge. Thanks to this, they can be easily delegated to capture chemical compounds. Now is the time to showcase the practical capabilities of MOF-525 and confirm that it can actually be used to collect and process CO2 on an industrial scale.

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