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Are there teenagers who escape Pink Floyd? With 7000 copies, it seems a must for early music lovers. The dark side of the moon Still selling out every week today, this legendary group hasn’t stopped gaining followers.

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I didn’t escape it either. At 15, I would destroy cassettes Wish you were here, The dark side of the moon And the wall On my Walkman. The group opened up the musical horizons of many young adults, and that’s a cliché. In my early twenties I was listening to Pink Floyd until I got sick of it, and when I started to drift away from it, my little brother, who was six years younger than me, indulged in the same rite of passage. His intense, repetitive listening put me off Pink Floyd forever, but he quickly switched to rapping, which gave the whole family a break.

For this reason, I invited my brother to the press conference of the exhibition Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains, which started at Arsenal Contemporary Art. We have many common memories around this group and the occasion was great. Last we saw of them program 1994 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. He with his friends, I with our father.

You must have experienced it at least once in your lifetime, because Pink Floyd redefined performance on a grand scale, enough to inspire a dissonant song in Mononk’ Serge. Worst trip of the centuryThere he jokes Fans Rushed to the stadium like lemmings. Man, there were lasers… In 1994, they played three nights and sold 175,000 tickets!

My father and I had never experienced a show with 65,000 people, so in the first few minutes, the stands were set so high, we were a little hyper – I almost passed out. But the magic caught us.

Thousands of lighters were lit (this was before iPhones), and despite the venue’s legendary poor acoustics, we set off on a beautiful journey. I still remember my father’s face, dumbfounded. He awoke muttering “Tabarnax” several times, and I might have seen my father like the show, for his astonishment program in himself. For my part, I will never forget this moment when I fell in love with the crowd during the guitar solo. hey you – I felt like I was in a cult.

After the show, my dad bought my brother a t-shirt, and we had to fumble him in the middle of 65,000 people enjoying Magic Mushrooms and his 15-year-old musical experience. I suggested that our dad get out of there quickly before he realized it when he came back from the bathroom. But Dad was no fool, he guessed it and said nothing. Youth must evolve, Pink Floyd long live…

“If you give what you take, you remember program, at least ? I asked my brother as we walked around the fair. Yes, one of the most beautiful moments of his youth, he tells me. Thousands of young people blockaded STCUM buses to Mount Royal to pursue the dream of performing, thus recreating the events of a previous generation, in 1994, Pink Floyd said no more.

Even today, Annan likes to fall asleep to the music of the play Echoes…

Exhibition Pink Floyd: Their Mortal RemainsPresented in London, Italy, Germany, Spain and the US before landing in Montreal, this is truly a gift. groups. With over 350 artifacts – from Sid Barrett’s letters, electric guitars and keyboards, to toys and inflatables the wall -, we sometimes measure the artistic evolution of a group in the tree because of the known conflicts between its members, which have revolutionized the history of music by mixing theatre, opera, animation, jazz, psychedelic, electronic and progressive rock.

Pink Floyd’s impact wouldn’t be the same without the contribution of Aubrey “Bo” Powell, the artistic director who defined the group’s visual universe, and to whom this exhibition deserves a very special place. Patron and former RBO Richard Z. We ran into Sirois, who was grinning from ear to ear, like a kid in a candy store. He traveled 10 hours for this press conference, attended by Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason, who signed one of his albums.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Nick Mason, founding member and drummer of Pink Floyd

Also, the moving image I remember from this exhibition is Nick Mason wandering alone in a room, like a simple 78-year-old spectator, looking at the evidence of his glorious past.

My father would be his age today if he were alive. We didn’t expect to bump into Nick Mason during our visit, and he kindly agreed to take a photo with my brother.

It will still be a memory in our family album on Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal RemainsAt Arsenal Contemporary Art until 31 December 2022

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