Police officers kidnapped a Ukrainian nurse and hanged her.  It was a punishment - o2

Tatiana Modrenko lived with her husband, Anatoly, in Skadovsk, southern Ukraine. This is an area occupied by Putin’s army. In early October, she shouted to the police that “Skadovsk belongs to Ukraine.” A few days later, she was abducted and hanged in front of the courtroom.

They killed a Ukrainian woman for her bravery

Natalia Kzorna, Tatiana’s twin sister, revealed in an interview with the Financial Times the details of these tragic events.

It was October 7 when Natalia called her sister. She wanted to know if everything was fine and if Tatiana had problems after her confrontation with the police. However, the connection was suddenly cut off. Moments later, officers collaborating with Russia were supposed to kidnap Moderno and her husband of 60 years. Numerous eyewitnesses confirmed this version of events.

The couple’s home was looted. Collaborators looted, among other things, the family car. For another week, Natalia tried to find out what had happened to her sister and brother-in-law, but to no avail. No one knows the whereabouts of the couple. It was only on October 15 that the woman received a phone call stating that her sister had been publicly executed.

The lady who called me told me that Tanya had been hanged. The murdered sister told the Financial Times that they poured something in her mouth, then hung her in court.

Natalia was confident after making a call to the local morgue. The cause of death on the death certificate was “violent suffocation”. Moderno’s husband survived and was due to be released from custody with visible signs of beatings, but no trace of him was found after that.

Kzourna commented: You cannot have your opinion on the occupied cities.

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