February 4, 2023


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Australia: Airport workers threw away passengers' bags.  There is a recording

Australia: Airport workers threw away passengers’ bags. There is a recording

One minute video was filmed at the airport in Melbourne Bag handlers are shown intentionally throwing bags into the air and throwing one bag so hard that it falls completely off the conveyor belt. Three men in high-visibility jackets unload a luggage container with a logo on it Qantas Australian national airline.

Men are workers Switzerland, a Qantas subcontractor handling ground handling. The company said it was conducting an “urgent investigation” into the incident.

The employees have been suspended from work pending the conclusion of the investigation.

A Qantas spokesperson told the Guardian: “The behavior in this video is clearly unacceptable, and our contracted ground crew are conducting an urgent investigation.”

– Swissport trains and manages all employees to handle customer property with care and diligence. The actions of the employees in the video appear to have violated these Service Level Standards. As a result, a Swissport spokesperson said, the employees involved have been suspended pending an urgent investigation.

Swissport CEO Brad Moore He wrote to his staff that “the behavior in the video let us all down”.

“Disrespect of our customers’ baggage and personal property will not be tolerated and will result in strict disciplinary action. Rest assured that this matter will be promptly investigated with appropriate follow-up. Unacceptable behavior by a small number of individuals will not go unchecked or endanger Quality work our entire team.

This is not the first controversy related to baggage handling by Qantas. In 2021, the company will outsource ground handling at 10 Australian airports, including Melbourne, laying off 2,000 workers. Federal court It ruled that Qantas’ actions were illegal, and that the Transport Workers’ Union, which represents the workers, is seeking compensation for those who have lost their jobs. Qantas has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

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