mBank.  Increase in some fees and commissions as of April 3, 2024 – mBank based on changes in price lists

mBank states that the changes to price lists will take effect on April 3. These include, among others, fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs. The minimum free withdrawal threshold will be increased. Euronet and Santander Bank Polska ATMs will also be excluded from mBank's ATM network, which will result in additional fees for using these machines.

mBank announced changes to its price lists at the end of January, some of which will take effect on April 3. The bank explained, “The changes in our fee and commission schedule result from the significant increase in the prices of goods and services. This translates into the service costs we incur.”

mBank is making changes to its price lists

As of April 3, mBank will exclude Euronet and Santander Bank Polska ATMs from its network, with the exception of machines located in mBank branches. This means that when withdrawing money from these machines, an additional fee will be charged – 5 PLN regardless of the amount withdrawn at the Euronet ATM and 3.5%. (but minimum PLN 5) at Santander Bank Polska ATM. The bank confirmed that PlanetCash devices remain in the mBank network.

At the same time, for most mBank customers, the minimum free withdrawal from mBank and Planet Cash ATMs in Poland will increase from PLN 100 to PLN 300. When withdrawing an amount less than PLN 300, a fee of PLN 2.50 will be charged.

Furthermore, the monthly fee for the personal e-account card will increase from PLN 7 to PLN 10. The monthly fee for Mastercard Gold PayPass will increase from PLN 9.99 to PLN 18. In both cases, the conditions for exemption from the fee will not change.

Next month, mBank will also increase from PLN 7,000 to PLN 10,000 the amount of inflows it needs from customers in order not to charge mKonto Intensive. “We do not change the second optional condition for exemption from account fees, i.e. the total amount of deposits and investments deposited in the bank – still a minimum of PLN 100,000,” we read in the announcement. The bank will also offer a commission on withdrawals at the store's cash register (cashback) in the amount of PLN 2.

Withdrawal fees using Blik

This is not the end of the changes. And a little later, from June 4 of this year. ATM withdrawals using Blik will be charged a fee. “You will pay for this transaction as you would when you swipe the card,” mBank said.

For personal e-account holders, when using mBank and Planet Cash ATMs in Poland, the fee will be PLN 2.50 for withdrawals of less than PLN 300. Above this limit, no fees will be charged. The fee at ATMs outside the bank network will be PLN 5, regardless of the amount.

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