Maybe crazy cheap Tesla?  Elon Musk is a budget model whose equipment is ridiculous!

Yesterday evening, Elon Musk organized a meeting with Tesla employees, and revealed surprising plans. It is a budget electric car model whose price, without subsidies, does not exceed 25,000 PLN. dollars (about 95 thousand PLN). Tania Tesla probably has ridiculous hardware flaws and there’s no exaggerating that.

Elon Musk was destructive as always

According to recent leaks, the Tesla Model 2, as it is informally called a low-cost electric project, was soon ready for production in China. However, at yesterday’s meeting, Elon Musk announced to employees that the car won’t debut until 2023. Where did this sudden change of plans come from? The billionaire completely changed the concept of car equipment, a lack of some basic components.

“Do we want this car to be equipped with a steering wheel and pedals?” asked Elon Musk. Thus, he explained that in a cheap Tesla, it might be impossible to manually steer or even accelerate or brake. This means that without the steering wheel and pedals, the “Tesla Model 2” would have to be completely independent, which now looks like an abstraction. The fully autonomous driving program is under constant development, but still requires the driver’s attention.

Everything is in the hands of engineers and administrators

Perhaps in the Tesla budget there will not be a concept of the driver, but the user. After selecting the destination on the navigation system, the car will independently reach the indicated address. But will fully autonomous driving be sufficiently developed by 2023? Industry experts are skeptical, but Elon Musk firmly believes in it. It is also worth noting that his declarations of full autonomy usually had very quick deadlines. This time we are talking about the next two years. During this time, amazing breakthroughs can be achieved.

Tesla Model 2 - Sketch

The fifth level of autonomy (complete autonomy of the machine) is the goal of many automakers. Elon Musk, as in many cases when it comes to electric cars, wants to be the most innovative, especially the first. By the end of the month, the latest fully autonomous driving beta update is expected to be available for download by a very large group of Tesla owners. The data used from a wide range of drivers allows the US manufacturer to make FSD safer for humans. In part, lawmakers will decide success, as regulators eventually have to recognize the system as a standalone system.

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