January 27, 2023


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Matura's Math Exam 2022 is already on Thursday.  What can you take on the test and how many points do you need to pass it?  - right

Matura’s Math Exam 2022 is already on Thursday. What can you take on the test and how many points do you need to pass it? – right

Final exams for 2022 began on May 4th. High school graduates are still at the start of the long exam marathon that will end on May 23. During this time, candidates will take a minimum of four exams – three at the basic level and at least one at the advanced level. Due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2022, oral examinations are not mandatory.

Matura Math Exam 2022. What can you take on the exam?

Already on Thursday, May 5 at 9 am, high school graduates will take the matura exam. For many of them it will be the most difficult test. A year ago, 21 percent couldn’t handle math. High school graduates. For comparison, he failed 7 percent of the Polish language exam. of high school graduates, and 6 percent of English.

We remind you that you can use many teaching aids in the math test. The most valuable is the list of patterns, access to which is most often provided by the school. In addition, each candidate must have a compass and a ruler, which are necessary for making the necessary drawings. Each high school graduate can also take a simple calculator for the test, that is, in addition to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, it allows you to calculate percentages and square roots.

Of course, when going to the exam, you should also remember to bring a pen or pencil with black felt or ink, as well as an identity document with a photo.

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What do you do to pass high school in mathematics?

The vast majority of tasks in a math test will contain closed questions, that is, questions for which there are four different types of answers. In addition, high school graduates will have to solve many complex math problems for which they can get more points.

To pass the GCSE in Mathematics, you must have a minimum score of 30 percent. All points are available. Since there is a maximum score of 45 points, it is easy to calculate that you need to get at least 13.5 points.

Candidates who fail the mathematics exam will have the opportunity to apply for the secondary examination, which will be held on August 23. However, only graduates who fail to complete one compulsory subject can be accepted.

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