Robotic hands are more and more "human".  Watch the Clone Robotics show

Many people wonder if the robots of the future need fully cloned hands. Perhaps not in many industries, but when we talk about advanced prosthetics, they can be of great value. representative clone robots They argue that the world in which we work is built almost exclusively around the objects that evolution has given us – especially our hands, which is why they focus on them.

Another breakthrough in robotics

The Clone Robotics hand consists of enhanced prosthetic McKibbin muscles, which are made of mesh tubes filled with balloons that are actuated by an external pneumatic or hydraulic pump. Clone Robotics engineers didn’t want to use bulky pumps – they wanted to simplify hand movement as much as possible, and achieve deflation in a controlled manner.

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So they came up with the idea of ​​filling the balloon with a liquid – such as acetaldehyde – and passing a powerful heating element through it. When current is applied, this liquid element will quickly boil – in the case of acetaldehyde, transfer it from atmospheric pressure at 20AroundC to 6.6 times that pressure at 70Aroundc.

In the video below, you can see a tried-and-true version of this muscle – it contracts incredibly fast considering the way it works, but you can see the designers had to cool it down with a jet of water to relax it.

Engineers have created a human-like skeleton to provide a range of motion very similar to a human hand. With 27 degrees of freedom, this watch is like our hands, with naturally integrated wrist movements and thumb rotation.

The company says it will deliver robotic hands to customers in 2022, though the price has not been disclosed. The next product will be a complete body with a stiff spine, containing 124 muscles in the neck, shoulders, hands, chest and upper back. You will move on a “motion platform” that contains a full set of batteries.

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