Matura 2022 Exam - Mathematics.  We publish the worksheet and the answers as well as solutions to corrective math problems on the Education website

We publish newspaper and answers. The math re-test for 2022 takes place on Tuesday, August 23rd. Start at 9 am. The question and answer sheet is already on the education website at from 1 pm. All high school graduates are welcome! You can check how you did with us.

We publish in the exhibition below Question paper for the 2022 question paper in Mathematics. We will also post the first answers there shortly – please refresh the page every few minutes
Click on the image and see the paper with the answers

Matura 2022 Exam – Mathematics. Worksheet, answers and…

The high school leaving examination is usually written by high school graduates who have failed one of the mandatory tests during the high school leaving examinations in May. Of course, the most emotional test is the Math Exam in Mathematics, which is the exam in this subject that most high school graduates take in August. If the correction result is positive, they will be able to apply for admission to the studies.

The math retest is often considered more difficult than the first semester in May. The tasks are sometimes more difficult, and the pressure associated with the candidates is greater, because it is the last chance to get the high school leaving examination certificate this year.

On the education website of the ECHODNIA.EU portal, at 2 pm we will publish a preliminary question and answer paper from the Mathematics Exam 2022. We invite you to follow the text. We provide the fastest solutions to this year’s math correction matura exam assignments.

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