Matt Włodzimierz Pac.  He was a reporter for Polish Radio

Włodzimierz Buck He worked for many years in Belarus, and began his journalistic activity in this country in the 90s of the last century. He was one of the best experts on Belarusian issues among Polish journalists and experts.

in years 2007-2010 Buck He worked as a correspondent for Polish Radio in Moscow. Then he returned to Belarus.

“Włodzimierz Pac was committed to fulfilling the mission of the journalist and reporter. He maintained contacts with the Belarusian opposition and the Poles in Belarus, and participated with the Polish radio microphone in the initiatives they organized. He reported on pro-Polish festivities and commemorations, “Poles and Belarusians are persecuted by the communist regime.”

Włodzimierz Pac left behind a wife and two children.

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