New Zealand.  Human remains in a suitcase bought at auction

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said, on Tuesday, that the police had opened a murder investigation after the sale of a bag containing human remains at an auction. The suitcase with the horrific contents in a trailer was full of stuff that had been bought entirely by a family from Auckland, New Zealand.

As it was initially established, a family from Auckland, New Zealand was put up for sale at a local warehouse on Thursday. There, at an auction, she bought a trailer full of things, including large suitcases. After returning home and opening the trailer, human remains were discovered inside at least one of the bags.

As the BBC notes, in such auctions, buyers usually do not have the opportunity to learn about the items they are buying. However, there is no shortage of people willing to buy, because people hope to find valuables inside.

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Police investigations

Services were called to the scene and the police immediately launched a murder investigation. According to the officers, the priority is to identify the deceased, “so that we can establish the exact circumstances of the discovery.”

Several neighbors reported a “bad smell” coming from the family property. Bags taken from the trailer and placed in the police tent were also seen. According to a neighbor, the investigators and the forensic team “blushed” upon seeing the find.

According to police, the family that made the purchase were not involved in the incident, New Zealand daily Stuff reported. Local media, citing police sources, also speculated that the trailer may contain the remains of more than one person.

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Stuff, BBC, The Sydney Morning Herald

Main image source: stock struggle

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