Mathura Mathura 2024: Students will have an easier time!  This will definitely not be on the exam

There's nothing to hide – Final exam in mathematics It is for many The most difficult topic to pass. It is a compulsory subject, so you need to get at least 30% to successfully pass the high school graduation exam. This was stated by CKE Director Marcin Smolik in an interview with our journalistOne of the keys to success is the systematic integration of the material. It is better to start now and not stop learning until after the holidays. We decided to plant some optimism in the hearts of high school graduates. It seems that The Matura Maths exam may be easier than it was a few years ago. Changes in high school exams It should appeal to most students. Let's focus on the math here.

Matura 2024 Mathematics: changes for high school graduates. Only good news

The Director of the Central Examinations Committee confirmed to us the information that had already reached the students – The exam requirements constitute a narrow list of requirements. The basic curriculum for public education is the regulation issued by the Minister of Education – Director Smolik assured us. What does this mean in context Elementary mathematics?

The mathematics exam will last 180 minutes – Whether at the basic or advanced levels. Most importantly, “basically” Up to 29 points out of 46 can be obtained from closed tasks. The good news doesn't end there. Proof tasks, geometric proofs, shortened multiplication formulas for third powers, polynomials, holometrics, and revolutionary solids have been removed or restricted.

Most of these issues were a major challenge for high school graduates. Most experts openly admit that in 2024, the 2023 formula should be easier than the one students solved before the coronavirus pandemic. This does not change the fact that it is worth solving sample archived CKE working papers (one of them is provided in the gallery below the text). Similar tasks will certainly appear on the high school graduation exam in May. It is also worth following our website, as we will provide updates regularly Useful information for high school graduates. We wish everyone the best results, not just in mathematics.

In the gallery below, you will see the CKE papers and their answers from the 2024 Matura exam in Mathematics, Basic Level [formuła 2023]

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Matura Exam 2020 in Mathematics See if you can handle these tasks!

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1. The price x of a certain good is reduced by 20% and the price y is obtained. To restore the price x, the new price y must be increased by:

Mathura exam in mathematics at the Salesian School Complex in Łódź

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