Mariana Massa goes to the hairdresser and the result is sublime

Fall is just around the corner and with it comes our favorite celebrity hair changes.

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Every year, many celebrities stop by their hairstylist to get a new trendy look. Last Wednesday, it was the comedian, actress, writer and presenter Mariana Massa Kicked off the tradition this fall.

Mazza, he’s still touring his show Rudeness: Forgive me if I love you, took to her Instagram account to share the results of her slight hair makeover with her fans, proudly showing off her brand new bangs. This subtle change has inspired her followers to admire her as it suits her perfectly.

Note that as a fashion enthusiast, Mariana Massa is about to add a new string to her bow by hosting a show dedicated to the subject. Télé-Québec. Admittedly, her sense of style and her natural beauty are beyond doubt, which promises her fans and fashion lovers more mesmerizing moments to come.

See the end of her bangs below:

Mariana Mazza / Instagram

Mariana Mazza / Instagram

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