June 3, 2023


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Many died when a crane collapsed at a construction site in BC.

The crane is said to have collapsed in a nearby buildingTo ensure the provincial emergency health services, 12 paramedics, including two intensive care units, have been dispatched to the scene.

Kelona General Hospital has triggered the orange warning code, a procedure to ensure that victims are properly retrieved in the event of an incident involving multiple injured. Other departments of the hospital will not be affected.

Three people were taken to hospital: one in critical condition, one in critical condition, and a third person in stable condition with minor injuries.

As of Monday afternoon, police have not yet been able to confirm the number of people injured after a crane fell on the corners of Saint-Paul and Bernard streets.

Paramedics at a construction site.

Paramedics were also present at the scene of the crane crash on Monday.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Emergency and closure of a section of the city center

According to the RCMP, much of the downtown area was closed to traffic and the area evacuated. A local emergency has been declared for the next seven days.

The evacuees are being returned to the Salvation Army Emergency Center on Sutherland Avenue.

“For security reasons, the area is being evacuated. If you are in this area, please be safe as soon as possible, ”officials said in a statement.

Police say electricity has been cut off in most parts of the city of Kelona.

For its part, the prevention service WorkSafeBC Investigation into trying to establish the cause of the accident.

Testimony of witnesses

Krista Rosing, a resident of Kelona, ​​was driving her car through a construction site when the crane collapsed. I saw the crane move and then realized it was not doing it in a normal way; She was going down, She says.

It is shocking and it is very difficult to overcome.

An excerpt from:Christa Rosing, Demoin

Anna Jassin, who works at a nearby clothing store, was looking out the window when one Large cloud of dust At the construction site.

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I really pray and cry that someone might get hurt, She says, noting that her husband is working on construction at another site.