Frédérick Robichaud et Alicia Moffet s'offrent un week-end à l'hôtel

Has been rumored for days to be a former candidate for Dual industry, Frederick Robichat And Singer Alicia Moffett They are dating. Also, just last week, Frederick confirmed that he had just seen Alicia When leaving OD in the west. Well, on Saturday afternoon, the two went skiing and Fred shared an adorable story on his Instagram account that will only add fuel to the fire of this popular rumor.

In fact, we can say for sure that the two lovebirds are still dating. Well, we know they can only be friends, but our interest in gossip goes beyond that, and you know it well. In addition, wait until you read our fascinating trial, it will create working people CIA.

First, let’s face it, both Alicia Moffett and Frederick Robichat are absolutely adorable, and they make up a good couple. We are talking there.

Well, after looking at their Instagram account, we came to the conclusion that they are at the hotel together to spend the weekend. The singer showed off her amazing hotel room to her 414,000 subscribers is actually an Instagram story and one master bedroom!

Also, in another story created by Alicia Moffet, we noticed that she was dressed like the one in the video shared by the audience’s favorite award winner. Dual industryLast fall.

Let’s talk about the cute Fred’s brief Instagram. He shared Alicia’s funny moment, he didn’t seem so talented, it was absolutely adorable. In the video, Fred wrote:

I have another scoop: skiing is not his strength “.

Although we want to believe that they are just friends, all the evidence suggests that the two lovebirds celebrated themselves over a weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Yes, yes, we do know that our full thinking is worthy of the FBI Office’s investigation.

We say it, we say nothing.

We should also keep in mind that Alicia Moffet was recently launched New single named Lullaby, And we have to admit that the song has been coming back again and again since its release. Everything about this topic impresses us, but it is a music video that especially impresses us with its emotions.

Also, in his time The latest look at the show The week ends wellThe singer revealed her personal life in the media.

The world fed my misery “, He described the last turbulent months he lived due to his over-publicized section.” I stopped addressing it and I will not mention it again because it is scary and ridiculous. It is unique “, She added.

Remember what Alicia Moffett announced to her and that Alex Mending Divorced after a few years of love. Pretty little one was born from this union Billy. Together, They had a house for sale And the influencer, during the question and answer session, noted that they had the opportunity to purchase.

We accepted an offer, people obviously need to go to the fundraiser, they have a few days to go, I do not know what I can say or say, but the offer was accepted, it should sell well. “, She began.

Despite the media storm and hateful comments Alicia received, she made it clear that she and her daughter’s father still had a good relationship.

Yes, we have a good relationship. We really do not have a choice, we always have a choice, but we want things to go well. We are parents together, we work together, so we do everything we can to practice as best we can. Of course this is not easy, but we try our best “.

For Alex and me, the fact that Billy never felt this kind of separation between his two parents is actually a priority. She’s very young, so she’s likely to grow up saying, “Oh, my parents, they’re friends, they’m not in love, but they’re friends, they’re nice.” So that is the goal, our priority, it is not always easy, but no doubt, I know we will get there “, She began.

In short, the two will form a beautiful pair, right?

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