Many Cubs enter the Order of Canada

Many Cubs will enter the Order of Canada. Members selected by Governor-General Mary Simon as members include comedian Mark Laprecht and Olympic sprinter Bruni Surin.

It released on Wednesday the names of 135 people who have joined the honorary club, which already includes more than 7,500 comrades since its formation in 1967.

The highest honors were given to Murray Sinclair and Jan Martel, comrades of the Order of Canada.

Spanish-born author Jan Martel won many prestigious prizes in the early 2000s for her third novel, L’Histoir de Pike, to parents of French-Canadian descent.

Anishinape lawyer Murray Sinclair was honored for his expertise in Native law and for his work in trying to reconcile with the first nations.

Officials will be joined by Louis Trotter, who has worked to recognize the country’s industrial heritage, and Neil Bissundat, a prominent writer and scholar on the work on multiculturalism.

Apart from Marc Labrèche and Bruni Surin, other Cubes were elected members of the Order, including Yves Lambert, musician and co-founder of the Bottin souriante; Pierre Legendre, scientist; Jean Howe, Director of Finance; Boise of France, General Manager of the Book Fair from 1990 to 2018.

The honorees will be invited to the ceremony in 2022.

The Order of Canada is designed to honor Canadians from all walks of life: “Their services will transform our society, whose inventions inspire our imagination, whose kindness unites our communities.”

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