Food in the Cité-de-la-Santé is not even worth eating

The 63-year-old Laval resident invites Premier François Legault and Health Minister Christian Dubey to taste the “disgusting” food at the Cité-de-la-Santé hospital in Laval. That was served to him.

“It’s not something you give to humans. Even my cat, I don’t think he would eat it,” said Gloria Santos angrily.

He was hospitalized last week after a nasty fall on ice in his parking lot at Cité-de-la-Santé in Laval.

A few days later, Mrs. Santos was finally discharged from the hospital because she could no longer eat the food she was given.

She described eating “very dry” carrots with a “vomit-looking” chicken sandwich, “cold” tomato soup and half a salmon croquette.

Salmon croquettes and dried carrots were served to him.

Photo courtesy of Amanda-Marie Scholak

Salmon croquettes and dried carrots were served to him.

Although he is lactose intolerant and does not eat pork, Santos believes this does not justify the poor quality of the food he received.

“They should help us get out of the hospital quickly, but instead they give us the cenote,” he lamented.

The story repeats itself

Newspaper Posted a month ago Story by Angelo Cagliano He wanted to die at home because of the disgusting food served at Cité-de-la-Santé.

Ms Santos’ daughter, Amanda-Marie Scholak, believes her mother’s case was “not isolated”.

Amanda-Marie Scholak, daughter of Gloria Santos.

Photo courtesy of Amanda-Marie Scholak

Amanda-Marie Scholak, daughter of Gloria Santos.

Gloria Santos invites the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health to try the gastronomy of this hospital.

“They should come and eat the same food I ate and tell us if it’s for humans,” suggested the 60-year-old.

Minister Dubé’s office called the situation “unacceptable,” saying the photo of the carrot and salmon pate “does not reflect the quality of food we want for all patients in Quebec.”

“We recognize that every situation is different and we need to understand what happened in this case before commenting,” it added.

Surprise and sadness

Martin Delage, director of logistics at the Laval Center for Integrated Health and Social Services (CISSS), said he was “shocked” when he saw the photo.

He called the presentation “tragic,” especially because of the styrofoam tray used temporarily during the hospital’s dishwasher repair.

Mr. Delage added, noting that patients without dietary restrictions tend to receive more appetizing foods.

“Here we fall into a patient exception. It is difficult to come out as such a story. Of the 600 patients we serve, there are few who do not have a normal diet, like you and me. »

Promised Complaint Management System

CISSS de Laval promises to implement a system that allows patients to complain about their food when they are not satisfied. Register.

“What we want to put in place, I don’t know the mechanisms yet, but I want there to be a direct link between the patient and the food services,” explains Martin Delage, director of logistics at CISSS de Laval.

The move follows recent reports Register Patients rate food served at Cité-de-la-Santé as infectious.

In reflection

“I’m thinking about that. Is it a QR code we put on the back of the cabaret or an internal phone to say: “If there’s a problem with your plate, [contacte-nous]” said Mr. Delage asks.

According to the latter, patients usually do not dare to complain about their food to the nursing staff, who are often already full.

“They say to themselves: ‘I don’t want to whine, he’s taking care of me.'”

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