Mammals hunted dinosaurs.  The discovery in China leaves no illusions

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The Canadian Museum of Natural History announced in a media release that the fossil, which is estimated to be around 125 million years old, was found in China’s Liaoning Province. The fossil is unique, because it contains a lot of details that you can see for yourself:

What do we see there anyway? The fossil shows a badger-like creature biting into a beaked dinosaur three times its size. Dr. Jordan Mallon, a paleontologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature and co-author of the study, commented on the fossil:

Such an enormous state of the fossil was possible because both animals died suddenly, having been crushed by the mudslides that hit those areas after frequent rains.

The museum confirmed that the researchers ruled out the possibility that the mammals were indeed feeding exclusively on a dinosaur carcass. The bones of the latter bore no trace of teeth, and the location of the mammal, known as Repenomamus, suggests fighting. This discovery sheds light on the life of dinosaurs. It was generally believed that they did not have many natural threats.

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