Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan commented on the rumors regarding Anna Lewandowska.  “I admire Anya’s patience.”

Malgorzata Roznik MajdanRegarding participation in the new program “Hit me if you can”devoted herself to several months of intense training, which she reported in detail on the Internet.

Celebrities do not hide that it is an experience It allowed her to look at her life from a new perspective.

“I imagined it I want to create who I am and who I want to be at some point – and I know very well who I want to be in five, 10, or 15 years. – In order for my desires to come true, I have to make changes in my life from now on – she revealed in an interview with the program “Viva!”

Therefore, the ideal housewife continues to exercise regularly and maintains her physical fitness regularly. That’s why I participated in this famous event Anna Lewandowska “Camp by Ann”, where she trained under a famous influencer.

In one of her recent interviews, she talked a little about how she gets along with her wife Robert Lewandowski And whether the two women were talking about football.

“No, because we don’t talk about our husbands at all, actually. This applies not only to Anya, but to the other girls in the camp as well. She revealed: “We don’t talk about our husbands at all, but we talk a lot about our children, we talk a lot about ourselves and that’s also beautiful at this time.”

region Radoslav Majdan She also admitted that she was Very impressed with Anna Lewandska’s exceptional figure.

“She made a big impression last year, two years ago, she made a big impression. When you see that progress, you look at it and you see the effort, and you also know what discipline it takes… In sports, that can’t be underestimated,” she added.

The TVN star also commented on the rumors about it An alleged crisis in the relationship between the Polish national team player and the most famous Polish coach. Exciting news, according to Malgorzata Rozenc-Majdan It can be placed among fairy tales.

“It’s not even worth commenting on, seriously. I admire Anya’s patience with what she has to face. “I understand how much strength it takes from them, because it doesn’t really matter – now they are choosing this, before that they were choosing something completely different, and in a moment they will choose something else,” the star explains in an interview with Poodle.

Celebrities confirm that the great interest in the private life of the most famous Polish couple is linked to their great popularity.

“Unfortunately, the higher you go, the more severe these attacks become. Look at how much strength Anya requires and how consistent her life is with itself.. This certainly gets to her, yet she does not live for the public that often accuses her. “She lives the way she wants and enjoys it, and that’s the most important thing.” – concluded Malgorzata Ruzync-Majdan.

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