Malaysia.  A car hit a baby elephant.  In response, a herd of animals attacked the car

Illustration: A herd of elephants attacks a car in Malaysia

A group of wild elephants in Malaysia damaged a car on the highway. The animal attack occurred after a baby elephant was hit by a car. There were three people in the car. According to local authorities, the family was able to survive the accident.

The family was driving on a major highway on Sunday From the island of Penang to the north-eastern coastal state of Terengganuat approximately 7:35 p.m. local time Hit the little elephant – BBC website reported.

A 48-year-old man was in the car, along with his wife and 23-year-old son. As added, there was drizzle and fog on the road, and the car entered a curve in the road.

– The car collided with a small animal that was walking along the road with a herd, Zulkifli Mahmoud said, Police Supervisor in Jerik District. He added that after the effect The cub fell to the ground.

The policeman said: – Seeing this, the remaining five elephants rushed towards the car and started running over it.

The car sustained damage to the front and sides. The animals also smashed the windows. Fortunately, the people inside the car survived the attack. According to reports received from the services. The herd left the area after the cub stood up.

Malaysia. Accidents with elephants on highways. Animals looking for food

as a result of Rapid development of highways in MalaysiaAnd wild elephants throughout the peninsula They have lost a large part of their forests – Say the defenders of nature. This drove out many wild animals To go out on the roads to search for food.

After the latest accident, police in Jerik warned drivers: They were more careful on the highways as herds of elephants regularly roam the area.

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It was spotted in May 2022 A lone adult elephant walking along the highway. This was also in the Gerik area.

In 2020, concerned An adult elephant attacked a carWho was traveling on a highway in the same area of ​​Malaysia. Police believed the elephant panicked after several vehicles fired at it.


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