Scientists tracked it to the moon.  The discovery will change a lot

A new technology developed by a team of scientists from the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) could make a difference. It will provide researchers with answers to many questions related to the formation of the universe.

Research conducted using it will help specialists “get a better picture of how stars die and thus They provide materials for the next generation of stars, planets, moons and sometimes even life – At least in the context of Earth.

The Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite, although it has the status of one of the best studied and described objects in the Solar System, is still not fully understood. For example, this only happened recently The historic landing of the Chinese probe on the far side of the Moon, where samples were also taken for the first time. Exploring them may lead to interesting discoveries.

However, it is not only these samples that have aroused the interest of scientists. Researchers say so Material collected from different areas of the satellite’s surface hides a lot of important evidence, which a better understanding could make a big difference.. A new technique developed by researchers from China aims to help extract details from material on the Moon about the life and death of stars and the associated “cosmic recycling”. Important information about this subject is said to be hidden in lunar dust.

The highly fragmented material covering the surface of the Moon was formed by many impacts, including: comets, meteorites, and micrometeorites. Therefore, the secrets of supernovas may be hidden there as well. The technology developed by a team of researchers from China relies on improving… Detection of rare iron isotopeswhich is found in “infinitesimal amounts” in lunar dust, notes.

This form of iron They were formed millions of years ago in the hearts of previous generations of massive stars. When they ended their lives in supernova explosions, the isotopes were released and scattered throughout space, including the Moon, scientists believe, the source said. Therefore, several meters of material covering the Earth’s satellite can be combed through They help determine such important details about the formation of the universe.

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