Looking for TV shows

Next Monday night, September 12, you may be watching the 74th Emmy Awards.

A third of the trophies will undoubtedly be awarded to series or programs that you can’t watch or don’t know about.

Six years ago, when the CRTC was chaired by Jean-Pierre Blais, a brilliant and visionary lawyer, the paragovernmental organization organized a “discovery summit”. Bright minds have had to find ways to find what interests us among the billions of internet content. “Too much, as the Quebecers say, is not enough”! This saying has never been truer than in this digital age.

Even I, who try to stay on top of all the latest technology, often get lost when I find a show or series that a co-worker or friend told me about without telling me about it. Please let me know where I can see it.

The problem grows

Instead of improving things, creating new platforms like Crave or Disney+ just compounded the problem. For example, last Tuesday, when the list of nominations for the Emmy Awards was announced, I rushed to read it, curious to see if I agreed with the various jurors. I personally don’t like it Squid game (Pass game) This is not the case with the juries, which have given a Korean series 14 nominations, and is the first foreign series in history to be nominated for this year’s series.

On the other hand, I couldn’t agree with the jury on appointing Amy Poehler as director. It’s typical of this actress and screenwriter Saturday Night Livewho did Lucy and Desi. This 1 hour 43 minute documentary chronicles Lucille Ball’s Rocky relationship with her husband Desi Arnas and the story of their iconic series. I love Lucy, which more or less always sets the “sitcom” rules. After watching the documentary on Amazon Prime, I couldn’t resist watching a few episodes I love Lucy On Youtube. I got the same joy when I saw Denis Filiatrault and Dominique Michel Me and othersGilles Richer’s immortal “sitcom”.

A good plan for the CRTC

Some of my friends objected to this This is us (Our life in ARTV) No recommendations. For me, the 39 nominations the series has already received and the four Emmy trophies it has won are more than enough. Of the eight series nominated for 2022, I haven’t seen any successively (25 recommendations) Or Yellow jackets (with Sophie Nélisse). Imagine knowing that these two series will be available on Crave only after the nominations were announced!

Television schedules published by newspapers are no longer useful, but a list of movies and series that can be watched on television should be published daily, indicating the channel or “Live Player” (Live Player).Stream) where you can see them. This is a great plan for the CRTC, which is responsible for enforcing new legislation related to online broadcasting (Bill C-11, currently under study in the Senate). The CRTC should force all Canadian and foreign streamers to publish this new category of schedule at their own expense. Otherwise, extraordinary content will continue to go under our noses.

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