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Documentaries are an easy and enjoyable way to expand your horizons. The coming autumn will have us traveling to African metropolises, marveling at medieval fashion or exploring the genius of Chopin. Check out five intriguing works or series.

Fashion Price

“Fashion addict”, comedian Mariana Mazza is overflowing with clothes. Fashion Price, directed by Félix Trépanier, shows her confronting the mirror of overconsumption. Little by little, she becomes aware of the implications of her purchases and tries to find the best way to give a second life to the clothes she wants to get rid of.

September 20, 8 p.m., on Télé-Québec

Africa tomorrow

Photo by Karen-Isabel Jean-Baptiste, special collaboration

Rat Hammoud

Host and director Raed Hammoud (Where are you, Yusuf?) travels to major African cities to find those who make their hearts beat and seek to change the fate of their city. Each episode takes us to a different metropolis to meet young people who are “making a difference in their field”.

From October 13, 8pm, on TV5

Sip Sip


Richard Desjardins

Chip Chip was the nickname given by writer George Sand to composer Frédéric Chopin, a creator who, according to Richard Desjardins, made the piano “explode like nobody’s business.” It is the subject of a feature-length documentary written, directed and narrated by the singer and pianist, which chronicles the path of this genius given less to words, who has long fascinated him.

October 14, 10:30 pm, on ICI Télé

Joni Mitchell: Sadness and Anger

Photo by Amanda Andrade-Rhodes, Archives Associated Press

Joni Mitchell

An icon among icons, Joni Mitchell is a singer-songwriter with the greatest aura of decades. A position has been reconfirmed that he will make a surprise return to the stage at the Newport Folk Festival in the summer of 2022. Joni Mitchell: Sadness and Anger Goes back in time to tell the story of the late 1960s when the Canadian artist rose to the top of the country charts alongside Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills & Nash and others.

November 27, 8pm, on ARTV

Chat Who stole the truck?

Photo courtesy of Yusuf Karsh, MMFA

Famous portrait of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Roaring LionDirected by Yusuf Karsh in 1941

The news caused consternation: a famous portrait of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill that hung in the rooms of Chat Laurier in Ottawa had been stolen without anyone’s knowledge. Worse, the replacement was only made in the summer of 2022, while the wrongdoing would have taken place from the end of 2021 until next January 6. This documentary explores this fascinating story, which, two years later, remains shrouded in mystery.

December 16, 10:30 pm, on ICI Télé

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