June 10, 2023


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“List of Shame”. These companies continue to trade with Russia

More than 1,000 companies from around the world remain on Yale’s List of Shame. It affects companies that do business with Russia despite the sanctions imposed on that country. There are many German companies on the list, notes the T-Online portal.

On the list of companies compiled by Yale UniversityWhich, despite the sanctions, continues to trade with Russia, there are currently more than 1,200 companies from all over the world.

a. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld mentioned that the list includes companies that cooperate with Russia in any way – be it online dating sites, food companies or steel concerns.

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The list called “The List of Shame” is constantly updated. The companies on the list have been divided into five different categories, reflecting their reaction to Russia’s war with Ukraine.

many German companies

Of particular interest is a category called “digging in.” There are companies that did not react to the war at all.

Journalists of the T-Online portal, which analyzed the list, reported that there were still many German companies on the list. These include Stork, Jerry Weber, B. Browns, Salzgitter and Trumpf.

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“Unilever, to which Storck belongs, justifies its presence in Russia by the fact that otherwise the Russian state would take over production,” the portal wrote.

Overall, Germany ranks third in Yale’s list after the United States and the United Kingdom, according to T-Online.

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Interestingly, there is only one company from Poland on the list.


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