The Czechs mocked Russia.  They are petitioning about Kaliningrad

The actions of Russia for years are the background to the petition. At first, in 2014, it happened annexation of Crimea Declaring that part of Ukraine entirely Russian. The Russians have now started similar activities in eastern Ukraine. Seven months after the start of the war with Ukraine, the Russians conducted peseudoreferenda in part of the occupied territories. These are the regions located in the east and south of the country – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia.

However, observers indicated that the alleged sounds were taking place under the barrel of guns. This is another step by Russia aimed at Annexation of new areas of Ukrainian territory.

The Czechs decided to laugh at the actions of the Russians. A petition has appeared on the Web, the author of which is a parody website that deals with a wide range of topics. “As Russia showed us in Crimea, and now it shows us in eastern Ukraine, it is perfectly fine to enter the territory of a foreign country, declare a referendum there, and then annex these territories” – the authors argue dissentingly.

Therefore, they decided to claim Kaliningrad. Or rather Königsberg. “Kaliningradalso known in Czech as Královec, is a Russian city Founded in honor of Czech King Jesel Otakar II. During its existence, the city belonged to Prussia, Poland, Germany and now Russia. We think Russia has played with Kaliningrad for a long time and it’s time to put the ball back in new hands. And since the city was founded in honor of the Czech king, it should pass to its rightful owner ”- they argue.

“We have a unique opportunity to expand the territory of the Czech Republic and Finally reaching the sea. That is why we demand the government of the Czech Republic to send Czech soldiers to Kaliningrad, Fr.The referendum will end with 98 percent. to join the Czech Republic and then annex Kaliningrad and change its name to Kralovich ”- reads the rest of the petition.

The satirical petition has already collected quite a few signatures. The users who signed the petition also share their mockery of Russia. There are also words of support for Ukraine and its struggle.

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