Lisa Marie Presley looked fragile and shaky in her last public appearance

Lisa Marie Presley, 54, who was taken yesterday by a heart attack, looked frail and wobbly during her last public appearance on the Golden Globes red carpet on Tuesday.

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Elvis’ daughter was at the 80th Globes especially with her mother, Priscilla Presley, because of the nomination of Austin Butler, who was awarded for her portrayal of King in the film. Elvis By Baz Luhrmann.

Lisa Marie was with her father’s longtime friend Jerry Schilling during an interview she gave to American television before the ceremony. “I’m going to hold your hand,” she told him, swaying a little.

He then proceeded to speak softly to host Billy Bush.

Billy Bush asked her what she thought of Austin Boulter’s performance. Lisa Marie said she adores Austin Butler and was impressed by his performance in the film. “I had to take five days to digest the film,” he said.

Lisa Marie Presley looked more frail than usual.

Within two days of the Globes, he died of a heart attack. The announcement was made by his mother Priscilla.

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