Lewandowski talks about Gerd Muller's records.  And suddenly such an owl.  "You can't" Becca is nothing

Robert Lewandowski He finished 2021 with 43 goals at the level of the Bundesliga, breaking Gerd Muller’s record in 1972. In addition, the Polish captain, thanks to a knockout in the match against Wolfsburg (4:0), managed to achieve the feat. Cristiano Ronaldo In 2013, who then scored 69 goals in one calendar year. “I am very proud of the whole year. I was able to jump to the next level again. It was a turbulent year, full of emotions” – Lewandowski commented, citing the official website of Bayern Munich.

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There is a reaction from the president of “France Football” regarding Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski comments on Gerd Muller’s recordings. “Impossible to break”

Robert Lewandowski He was a guest on Bild LIVE after Bayern’s match against him Wolfsburg. Forward of the heroes German Talk about another Gerd Muller record so far – more specifically around 43 Bundesliga goals in one year. “It’s a great honor for me to be on the same page with such a great player and such an enduring personality,” he said. “I know what it means to break records. It’s not easy.”

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The most outstanding record Gerd Muller He has the most goals Bundesliga. German legend football A total of 365 goals were scored, while Robert Lewandowski He currently has 296. “There are some records that can’t be broken too often. You also can’t think about them too much. It will come by itself, like this mechanism” – added Lewandowski. If the captain white and red He will extend his contract until June 2025, and he will have more than three seasons to become the Bundesliga’s top scorer.

As Robert Lewandowski mentioned the results of the last referendum The golden ball. Then the striker took second place, right behind him Leo Mesim, appears in Paris Saint-Germain. “Fueling with Messi is a great honour. Well, it was not my decision. On the one hand I am proud and on the other hand sad, because the 2020 award has been cancelled. I am sure that thanks to the many titles footballers appeared in the poll. Bayern. But the fact that I am next to Messi makes me feel proud.”

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