Lewandowski is the best in the world.  But behind him is a very good young footballer from the Polish national team

– Louis, is he always relaxed? Is she always so quiet? Dutch journalists asked Van Gaal immediately after closing the door behind Frink de Jong. He was the first to answer questions and left early to prepare for training at the National Stadium. The selector smiled for a long time. – Fabulous. Yes, he always remains calm and that shows on the field as well – he said.

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Lewandowski is upset about the Ukrainian armband: I made it myself, glued it together

De Jong praises his professionalism, and Van Gaal calls him the best in the world

Lewandowski is a very kind and gentle man. I just met him, but I can see I’m working hard all the time. He has a great mentality and excellent technique. He is one of the best players in the world. On the other hand, as a striker, he is very versatile, because he is able to pass, play movement, but also finish it perfectly. He obviously scored a lot of goals, including the best one, so he helps us a lot – said Frenkie de Jong, who in the summer was close to passing Lewandowski at the door. When the Pole went to Barcelona, ​​De Jong had to leave her. Then there was a lot of news he might find his way into Manchester United Or Chelsea.

– There were many different rumors. There was a lot going on, more than the previous transfer windows, but I stayed calm. I wanted to stay in Barcelona and I stayed – he said with a smile, and when the journalists suggested that the club presidents wanted to sell him at any cost, to get money for further transfers and to issue money for the salaries of new players, de Jong bit his tongue. – I can’t go into details if my stay bothers someone. Sometimes the club has different ideas about the team and the players want something different. It’s good that everything turned out well,” he cut short and laughed at the next question.

– No, I haven’t had a chance to tell the defenders how to deal with Lewandowski yet. I don’t know if I will tell them anything new. They have experience, and we all have to work so that he has as few opportunities as possible.

Eight European countries bear the same emblem of the 2022 World Cup. Without Poland

What an idea for Louis van Gaal! Six goalkeepers called for training

The Dutch asked Van Gaal first and foremost about his unusual approach to defending penalty kicks. Well, the former coach, among others Barcelona and Bayern invited up to six to training camp in September goalkeepersTo find and take over the best criminal defense attorney among them world Cup. Officially appointed four of them – Jasper Cillessen, Mark Fleiken, Andres Neubert and Remko Pasvir. Two others – Justin Bijlow and Kjel Scherpen – were only invited for one training session. It took place on Wednesday, before leaving for Poland.

– I am always looking for an advantage over other teams, and I know that penalties often played the most important role in the World Cup – the 71-year-old confirmed at the previous conference. But it doesn’t stop there. Van Gaal revealed that the classes will not only be conducted by a goalkeeper coach and additional analyst, but also by Peter Murphy, the former volleyball coach. The boys won’t know volleyballIf you ask – the indignant Mukhtar shouted at a journalist and added: – He is a specialist in another field and I think his knowledge and experience can help us a lot. But I can’t reveal more details about it, because other teams will definitely benefit from it. Are you implying that volleyball is a worse sport than football? I ask only one thing: do not speak insultingly about volleyball – he emphasized indignantly.

In the conference prior to the match, he also did not want to reveal any details. – I have no conclusions yet. I logged and saved all the exercises and now I have to analyze them all. I should get reports on this, and only then will I know who is the best in this profession – he said. – I don’t know why he’s so surprised. Penalties are part of the ball. We are looking for a feature – said a little grumpy.

patriotism?  Eagle?  honor?  tip of your nose.  Representing Poland is often a business for young players.The players refuse to represent Poland. We reveal an open secret

The Dutch coach continues: “Lewandowski is a complete striker, but Sebastian Szymanski plays behind his back. I like it.”

Van Gaal revealed that during previous training he divided his team into two teams. The first was played in the name of the Netherlands, and the second was to reflect the position of the Polish national team. “Unfortunately, we didn’t score any goals,” he laughed, and after a while he added in all earnestness that in the next matches he wanted to focus mainly on conceding fewer goals. – There is very little. Of course, we also shoot a lot, but I want to defend better as a team. It’s not just about the three defenders and our swingers. It’s about the whole team. We know the areas to improve, so that our competitors have fewer chances to score our goal – he said and moved naturally to Lewandowski.

– He’s one of the best players in the world. He is a complete striker who makes the difference in every game. That’s why it’s a great test for us. We can prove ourselves against him. He did not play in Rotterdam. I regret it because I love him so much as a human being, and even as a football player. We have a difficult test ahead, because Poland has more good players. Sebastian Szymanski plays behind Lewandowski’s back. Talented young midfielder. I like it – he praised the Dutch coach. – transfer from Bayern to Barcelona It’s a transition from one football culture to another, completely different. It’s very difficult and he still scores all the time. It’s incredible – added to the departure.

Immediately after the conference, the Dutch began training. Reporters can only watch the first quarter of the hour. So they only saw the warm-up and the grandfather game. If Van Gaal was still practicing his “anti-Lewandowski” scheme, it was behind closed doors.

The match between Poland and the Netherlands begins on Thursday at 20.45. Live coverage on Sport.pl.

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