June 6, 2023


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Naked Rules |  Instagram "sorry" after withdrawing poster for Almodovar's next film

Naked Rules | Instagram “sorry” after withdrawing poster for Almodovar’s next film

(Madrid) Instagram on Wednesday said it was “sorry” after briefly withdrawing publications sharing the poster for Spinard Pedro Almodovar’s next film via its parent company Facebook. Parallel mothers, Which shows a nipple hanging from a drop of milk.

“We first deleted several posts with this image for violating our nudity rules,” a Facebook group spokesman told AFP.

“However, when there is a clear artistic environment, we make exceptions to allow nudity in some cases. So we have re-established the posts sharing the poster of the Almodovar film on Instagram, and we are very sorry for any confusion,” he added.

The withdrawal of the images caused controversy on social websites and media in Spain.

Spanish graphic designer Javier Jன்nn, author of the poster “Shame You You Instagram”, posted a screenshot of the social networking site explaining Monday’s withdrawal of the image and did not comply with its “Terms of Use”.

Instagram is usually isolated for removing images automatically under its strict nudity and anti-pornography policy.

The application has evolved its rules and has become more “subtle” and make exceptions in terms of nudity when breastfeeding, for example, nudity in events or art.

Parallel mothers, Is set to release in Spanish theaters on September 10, opening 78e Edition of the Venice Film Festival, where it competes and takes place from the 1stThere is Until September 11th.

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