Latvia.  “Ja Ruskij” on the car.  This sticker may result in vehicle confiscation

In Latvia and Estonia, cars were seen bearing the words “ja Russkij”/”ja Russkaja”, which in Polish means “I am Russian/I am Russian”. Local police state that “any glorification of armed aggression” is unacceptable, and owners of cars bearing such stickers may face fines or even confiscation of the vehicle.

According to the Latvian website, cars with letters appeared in the center of Tallinn, Estonia, in mid-September. The portal reports, citing the Telegram channel, that last weekend a collision occurred between two cars with similar stickers in the city. On one was written “Ja Russkij” (“I am Russian”), and on the other “hooliganka ruskaja” (“Russian hooligan”). The aforementioned recording is said to depict the moment when the police ordered the drivers to remove the car with messages threatening them with a fine or even confiscation of the car.

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Latvia. Cars with pro-Russian inscriptions

According to the portal, cars bearing such inscriptions were also spotted in Latvia. Their photos were posted on social media. The local police said, in a statement carried by the portal, that the officers’ reaction would be similar to that of their Estonian colleagues.

“Taking into account the current geopolitical situation, Russia’s hostilities against Ukraine and the general context, any glorification of armed aggression is unacceptable, including the placement of potentially provocative inscriptions in Russian on transport, such as “aa Russkij/aa Russkaja.” Delphi statement.

He also added that placing such a logo on the car may indicate “praising military aggression or expressing support for war crimes committed by the aggressor state in Ukraine.”

The police may request that these stickers be immediately removed from the vehicle and ask the owner to explain his motives. It was announced that if a violation of the law is discovered, the perpetrator may be held administratively accountable.

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