June 7, 2023


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Wolfgang Schäuble: Lech Kaczynski was right

Wolfgang Schäuble: Lech Kaczynski was right

In an interview with the weekend edition of the daily Tagesspiegel, Schaeuble said, inter alia, about the mistakes of German policy toward Russia. He also admitted that he himself was very naive towards his Russian partners. Also referred to as politician Lech Kaczynski’s famous speech in Tbilisi In 2008 after Russia’s aggression against Georgia, stating that the Polish president was “right” about the Kremlin’s intentions.

Schäuble: The situation is bad

– The situation is not good. Putin is waging a war not only against Ukraine, but also against the entire Western system. The former head of the Bundestag and one of the architects of German reunification said if he wins this war, he will not stop, but will continue it. Furthermore, Schaeuble referred to Kaczyński’s words.

– Former Polish President Lech Kaczynski said after the attack on Georgia in 2008: Georgia first, then Ukraine, then Moldova, then the Baltic states and Poland. He said he was right.

German mistakes

German politicians for several years, as former Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer put it, “knew everything but didn’t want to see anything.” Schaeuble fully agreed with those words. He himself also admitted his mistakes.

– As Minister of the Interior in 2005-2009, I thought that I could cooperate with my Russian counterpart in the fight against Islamic terrorism. And I should have seen that the second Chechen war was something else. We can all see it. Sooner or later – said CDU politician.

According to the politician, the West should “limit the scale of the military confrontation.”

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“In addition to providing weapons, we are trying to use economic war — sanctions just another word — to show Putin that this war will cost him very dearly,” Schäuble said.

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