Poland met a competitor in the semi-finals of European volleyball players!  Quick 3: 0

A horse with a row for those who chose this quarter-final match European Championship. The presence of the Slovenes is not a surprise, because they were the favorites to compete with Croatia, but the participation of the Czechs – a sensation. They defeated the Olympic champions – the French in the finals 1/4. Plus, as much as 3:0!

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“Leon and Couric get the Russians out of their heads. We’ll get a medal”

Nawrocki resigned from the Polish national team and has a new club! Big changes before the World Cup

The Czechs did not make a second sense. Slovenia is competing with Poland in the semi-finals for European volleyball players

In Wednesday’s quarter-final, the Czechs, playing in front of their home crowd in Ostrava, did not repeat such a quality. gamesagainst the French. They don’t show such good volleyball anymore. From the start of the match, the Slovenes got the advantage, which they kept until the end of the group. They won it despite not having a huge advantage in any stats. However, they had two leaders who were practically right to attack. Toncek Stern and Tine Urnaut had 85 percent identical in this party. Effectiveness (6/7).

In the Czech Republic, the match leader against France, Jan Hadrava and Lucas Vasina, played on average. Both scored 33 points in the confrontation with the Olympic champion. In the first group against the Slovenes they got 50 per cent. effectiveness.

The situation was repeated in the second party. Once again, the Slovenes, who played well, quickly gained an advantage (7:3, 9:4). Home team coach Jerry Novak tried to save himself from the changes. Quarterback Lobos Bartonic and Drava left the field. They were replaced by Jakub Janouch and Michal Finger, respectively. However, that didn’t help, and he played two-time European champions in 2015 and 2019 like euphoria. On attack they had 76 percent in this sensational group. Effectiveness (competitors 50%). Stern and Ornot are still shining, and they were helping out the middle. However, the real gap was in the party – the hosts only had 19 percent, with as many as 62 competitors.

The third set was finally even and came to an exciting finish. Even the Czechs were ahead at 23:21 after a big block on Urnaut. However, this experienced player did not discourage him and became the champion of his team. In an instant he finished the counter and led to a tie. And in the third match ball, he showed an effective block and the Slovenes could enjoy advancing to the semi-finals. They will play with Poland in it.

In the first quarter-final on Wednesday The Italians easily beat the Italians 3-0.

Czech Republic – Slovenia 0:3 (21:25, 19:25, 25:27)

Czech Republic: Bartunek, Hadrava 12, Polak 4, Zajícek 5, Vasina 10 and Galabov 13, Finger 3, Licek 1, Janouch.

Slovenia: Vincic 2, Stern 19, Kozamernik 5, Pajenk 6, Urnaut 13, Cebulj 9, Kovacic (Libero) oraz Mozic 5, Sket, Ropret.

European Championship Ladder:

  • The first semi-final: Italy – Serbia
  • Second semi-final: Poland – Slovenia

European Volleyball Championship.  In the quarter-finals, the Poles defeated Russia with beautiful style at the Ergo Arena.  Jacob KochanowskiThe dark horse of the European Volleyball Championship can play with Poland! ‘No one expected this’

Strong game Sport.pl – #StrojeZaAsy in the European Volleyball Championship

The editors of Sport.pl fund match kits for young players for every service that Polish volleyball players provide at the European Championship. So far, the Poles have earned 51 points by playing them, which means donating 153 outfits!

We will count the following stars online and on outdoor advertising at the Cepelia building in Warsaw and the main railway station in Katowice – the unofficial Polish capital of volleyball, where the final stage of the entire event will take place. Work details herecompetition rules We’re going to draw the costumes here.

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