Polish representation.  Paulo Sousa on the go.  There was Germany, and now Italy.  We know the manager's plan

In October, the Polish national team will face San Marino and Albania in the World Cup qualifying matches. Points to be scored in Warsaw and Tirana may be crucial in planning the table. So coach Paulo Sousa is not unemployed and travels the length and breadth of Europe for several weeks. Interia finds out about the coach’s plans for the next two weeks.

The coach visited Germany last week. Sousa went to Bavaria, where he met the Polish players of Augsburg: Robert Gumni and Rafai Jekevich. However, only Gomny was on the wide list, which this season has won a place in the team and has already made five games at right-back – including four for 90 minutes. On the other hand, Gikiewicz is always omitted from postings. And this is unlikely to change, because – according to our information – the Portuguese will bet on Radosław Majecki or Kamil Grabara instead of 33.

After the injury, Krzysztof Piątek, whom Sousa visited in the German capital, could return to the national team. On this occasion, the Mukhtar also spoke with the coach of the Berlin Federation, Urs Fischer, where the Poles: Timothy Boczacs, Bowie and your husband play every day. However, they both have problems with regular appearances this season. Puchacz currently only plays in conference league matches (he collected 232 minutes there), while Wszołek hasn’t played any Bundesliga matches yet.

After the German trips, Sousa returned to Portugal, but only for a short time. On Tuesday evening, the director will fly to Lisbon, and from there he will travel to Italy. He will spend almost an entire week in Italy. He will start his visit to Italy by watching the match between Fiorentina and Inter Milan, in which Bartomeg Drojowski is likely to play. Then Sousa will move to Genoa. There, on Thursday, he will be sitting in the stands during the match between Sampdoria and Naples (where we will see Bartosz Berezinski and Peter Zelensky on the pitch). At the end of the Italian trip, the Portuguese will go to Turin, where they will face Sunday’s competition between Juventus, Sampdoria and watchdog Wojciech Szczecin (and again Bereszyński).

At the same time, Souza’s assistants are on the way. A member of the coaching staff traveled to England last weekend, where he watched two matches. In the match between Newcastle and Leeds United, Matthews Klich watched, while in the match of Southampton and Manchester United – Jan Bednarek. To the British Isles – although Sousa also plans to fly for a short time.

Finally, the Mukhtar will fly to Poland to watch the 10th round of Ekstraklasa from the stands. Here, there will be quite a few players to note, because apart from the list of dates, there are Bartosz Slech from Legia Warszawa and Jakub Kaminski from Lech Poznan. The only representative of the Polish acting league is Kacper Kozłowski of Pogoń Szczecin. However, Souza is likely to watch in Poland two matches, and on October 4 he will start the team’s training camp.

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