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The fifth part of the “Kogel Mogel” comedy will be released any day now. The first part was created in 1988 thanks to the collaboration between screenwriter Ilona Lipkowska (known, among others, from “M jak miłość”) and director Roman Zalewski. The story of Kasia Solska and the characters accompanying her on the screen amazed the Poles so much that a year later the second part was created – “Galimatias, czy kogel-mogel 2”.

Years later, we learned about the further fate of the characters in the films: “Mishmasz, or Kogel Mogel 3” and “The End of the World, or Kogel Mogel 4”.

“Baby Boom, or kogel mogel 5” is scheduled to be released in cinemas on January 26. Directed by Anna Vikzor, like the previous part. This time, Barbara Wolaska, played by Ewa Kasprzyk, will not appear in the film. In the final part of the film we will see, among others: Maciej Zakoselny, Katarzyna Skrzenica, Nikodim Rozbicki and Aleksandra Hamkalo. See how the stars looked on the wall during the festive premiere!

“Kogel Mogel 5”. The wall was full of stars! This is what they looked like on the wall!

The premiere of the fifth part of “Kogla Mogla” attracted the biggest Polish stars to the cinema. The premiere was held at the Helios Cinema, one of the theaters in Warsaw. See in the gallery below how they introduced themselves, among others: Macie Zazdrojeni, Alexandra Hamkalow, Malgorzata Rozniatowska, Wojciech Solarz, Katarzyna Kuliček, Joanna Jarmulowicz, Dorota Stalinska, Zdzisław Warden, Anna Losinska, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, Julia Viniała, Mikołaj Roznerski and Grazyna P. Lika-Kolska.

Watch the gallery below: “Baby boom, or kogel mogel 5” premiere. This is how the stars looked on the wall!

“Kogel mogel” is already 35 years old! What do you remember from this confessional comedy?

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What studies has Kasia Solska been involved in?

Tombs of actors Misia, CK Desertirzi and Kugel Mogil. never forget

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