Kim Rusk Reveals Her Love!

It’s the start of the TV season, which begins quietly and highlights the arrival of a new show Surviving couple At Canal Wye, host, Kim Rusk Submitted for some fun questions.

See the images in the video in the title!

Contextually, the series likes to put couples in a hostile environment for 36 hours to test their mettle. In survival mode.

I had to answer a questionnaire related to a very arbitrary TV show.

For many given situations, she had to choose “who is her best partner…”.

In the video, Kim Rusk Mentions that she will cross a lake Michael Phelpsclimbing with Guillaume Lemay-ThiviergeFace a violent storm in the middle of the jungle with the survival expert Manu TrancardGo extreme kayaking in a fjord Michael Barrett, Also eats frozen partridge Martin Pickard And she would jump with ice for ten hours Hugo Girard.

With the last question she admits to having a crush on the comedian Patrice Robitaille. She loves watching him fix a four-wheeler without tools because, as she says, he’s her “favorite”!

We can’t wait to watch the show tonight, at 8 o’clock on Channel Y and T

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