Chaos and Chaos at Quebec Summer Festival: Festival-goers have a lot on their hearts the day after the Garqua show.

Confusion surrounding the cancellation and later resumption of the Kargwa show at the Plains of Abraham on Tuesday evening, fueled discontent on social media on Wednesday.

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Several festival-goers expressed their displeasure with the way the Quebec Summer Festival handled the evacuation of the Plains of Abraham on Tuesday evening, when a storm blackened the film.

Confusion and disappointment

After 8 p.m., visitors were ordered to evacuate all areas as the storm was approaching soon.

Although this was ultimately a temporary evacuation, the message broadcast on the various platforms’ screens did not mention it, instead confirming to festival-goers that the performances would not resume.

A message broadcast to festival-goers at the various sites of the Festival d’Dee de Quebec after 8 p.m. said that performances would not resume.

Alexandre Caputo

But, unexpectedly, about 45 minutes later, messages sent through the summer festival newsletter and the organization’s social networks were to the contrary, while spectators were invited back to the plains.

“Exceptional, free for all. However, Parc de la Francophonie, Place d’Youville and Place de l’Assemblée Nationale will be closed in the evening,” one can read on the Instagram network at 8:51 p.m.

At 8:50 p.m., the Quebec Summer Festival announced via its social networks that the evening would resume on the plains.

The newsletter was sent to members at 9:28 p.m., “too late,” according to festival-goers, many of whom had returned to their homes.


But the news came too late, criticizing many festival-goers, as well as being “unfair” to the audience who came to see other artists, including Nas, at the Parc de la Francophonie.

“It’s disrespectful to Nas […] To make one artist like another,” Mayana Max-Reins wrote.

“It’s a failure,” confirmed Francois LeBlanc for his part. “Really casual,” continues Daniel San Poirier, under the description of the Quebec Summer Festival on Facebook.

Others who bought day tickets in the “Garden” zone are now wondering if they can get a refund. “It’s really frustrating […] We are asked to leave after loudly stating that the program will not resume this evening. We vacate the site as requested and when we return home we are told the show will finally take place?! It’s very disappointing,” said Benoit Audet.

According to Environment Canada, other storm cells like the one canceled Tuesday evening could occur in the coming days, while the heat and humidity will continue into next week.

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